6 Tips to Help Your Friend Who Is Going Through a Divorce

The chances that you know someone who is currently facing a divorce is high given that at least half of all marriages end in divorce.  You may have daily contact with friend and not know of her pending divorce.  But if your friend confides in you about a pending divorce, here are six ways to show your support.

1) Prepare a meal. Divorce adds to the stress that an individual is already experiencing on a daily level.  Preparing a meal that can be frozen and reheated at a later day shows that you care about your friend’s stress level. Most people think of sending a meal during a funeral or after the birth of a baby, but sending a prepared meal any time a friend is experiencing high levels of stress is a good way to say that you care and are thinking of them.

2) Offer to babysit their children.  Adapting to being a single parent can be rough, especially when the other parent is not exercising parenting time.  Offer to babysit the children, so your friend can run errands without children, go to the spa and pamper herself, or meet with her attorney.   If your friend has young children, offer to babysit during her court hearings.

3) Be a shoulder to cry on. Your friend may not have seen the warning signs of a pending divorce and needs a shoulder to cry on. Offer to be there for her to vent about the process, her frustrations, or any reason that is troubling her at the time.  Divorce can cause the same emotional trauma that a death can.  Encourage your friend to not hold their emotions in.

4) Have a girls’ night. Offer to pay for a sitter, if your friend has children at home, and take her out for a night of fun. Do not discuss the spouse, children, or the divorce.   Remind her that this is a night of fun.  Remember that everything your friend does throughout the divorce process is subject to scrutiny, so don’t let the fun become a problem in the days to come.

5) Offer to scan photographs. Many couples forget that photographs can become an area of contention.  Offer to scan photographs to help her divide those family photos with her spouse, if she is not ready to look at those reminders of family times.

6) Offer to go on nightly walks with pets. Despite the increased filings for divorce within the last forty years, individuals still fear the stigma of a failed marriage.  If both of have dogs, offer to go on scheduled dog walks.  This will show her that you care and are not afraid to spend time with her.  Divorce is not something that will show up in your family, because you are spending time with someone who is getting divorced or has been divorced for any length of time.

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Written by Melissa Pearce & Associates, PLC

Melissa Pearce & Associates, PLC

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